B Uniform

Uniform worn during Wind Orchestra performances and volunteer work.  Hat, navy band polo, black pants, black belt, long black socks, dinkles.  


Black berets are the head gear worn by the Sousaphone and Tuba sections instead of Shakos.


The black "overall" style pants that are part of the Marching Uniform.


The black marching shoe that all marching band members must wear.  Many students use these as their 'dress' shoes' for concerts and other events during the year.


The spot(s) that each student has in the marching drill/show.

Dot Book

A small notebook with 3x5 cards for the student to put their 'drill'  These books are available at most stores carrying office supplies.  Some kids just get the spiral bound ones.  However for just a little bit more money you can also get ones with a hard plastic cover with two rings inside (like a mini 3 ring binder/notebook) and you get 'filler' 3x5 cards with the two holes already punched.  With this style the kids can add as many pages as they need and it's a little bit more waterproof.  They can reuse the outer shell in next marching year.  They will also need a long string or chain to hang the dot book around their neck during rehearsal.  


The movements and shapes created by students on the field for the marching show.  Practiced on the East Lot and back field.

East Lot

This is the fenced in parking area to the east of the school in front of the portable buildings.  The band will practice on this blacktop area in the evenings once it gets too dark to practice on the back field (or if the football team is practicing on the field).  Therefore this area needs to be clear of vehicles, so we request people park in the main lot in front of the school.

Equipment Truck

The truck used to transport the larger instruments and any props used during a show or event.  Even if you haven't attended an event, if you see the equipment truck pull up and some parents start to unload it PLEASE consider coming over to the truck to help unload.  Many hands make light work and the sooner the truck is unloaded the sooner everyone can go home.

Field Crew

Parent volunteers who help get the larger instruments and props to/from events and on/off the field.  A lot of Dads find this is a fun spot to volunteer but Moms help too.  Most heavy things are on wheels so you don't have to be Mr. Muscles to help.  During summer and early fall field crew also designs builds and paints any props used in the marching show.  They can always use artistic people to help.

Food for Marching Rehearsal

Please make sure your child eats a good meal before coming to band camp.  They will be burning calories and need fuel for their bodies.  Many kids, however, do not do well with very much dairy prior to long, hot practices so be aware of this and plan meals accordingly.  If practice includes a meal break, please make sure your child brings a packed meal or money to purchase a meal if the band organizes to order meals.  If you choose to bring food to your child at school during the practice, please be sure to arrive on time or before the scheduled break.  If you are late, your child has to either skip the meal or eat it too fast, which results in upset stomachs.  Please understand that sometimes the meal breaks don't happen exactly when planned if the band is working on something. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility.


JPT uses the long black gloves.  These are also available at most local music stores.  Brass players tend to use gloves with 'grips', Woodwind players tend to use without grips and are fingerless.  Have your child double check with the section leader as to which type of gloves that section should purchase.

Hat Box

The black plastic square box (looks like a lunch box) that the Shako is stored and carried in,  Shakos and Hat Boxes are numbered and assigned to students for the year at the same time they are measured for their uniforms.


Baseball style hat that is navy blue with the JPT band logo on it.  Worn while sitting in the stands at football games.  PLEASE make sure your student's name is inside the hat, that way it can be reunited with your student if it gets separated.  Otherwise your student has to purchase another one.

Hydration (for Band Rehersals)

Rehearsals are long and hot.  Please make sure your child brings a LARGE container of water, like a mini personal cooler and not just a single bottle of water.  It is very important to keep them hydrated and please consider increasing the amount of water consumption starting a week BEFORE band camp, as well as before and after each day of band camp. Water may not always be available for distribution for practices, so please always have water with the students.

Jazz Band Uniform

Black tuxedo jacket and pants with a black shirt, bow tie, cummerbund and shoes.


The 15 +/- minutes before any rehearsal.  Band lines up in semi-circle facing podium in total SILENCE waiting for directors' instructions.  Not only is it very crowded but it's a very awkward time for a parent/adult to walk through.  During Line-up adults should try to use school hallway side doors to access the band area. 

Marching Rehearsal Uniform

Black athletic shorts, white t-shirt, sturdy but comfortable closed toe shoes like athletic shoes.

Marching Uniform

The Black, Blue and White uniform worn to football games, marching competitions and parades.  The band/school owns these.  Each student will be measured during band camp and assigned a uniform number.  It consists of Bibbers, Jacket and Shako.  (these uniforms do not go home except under special circumstances).


Please park in a parking spot in the main parking lot.  Avoid the east lot if possible.  Please do NOT park along the sidewalk in front of the school as this is where the equipment truck and the buses pull up.  If you are parked here you will be asked to move prior to the band returning from any event, so you might as well go ahead and find a spot in the lot.  


The feathered stick that gets inserted into the top of the Shako right before the band performs.  Chaperones and uniform committees usually help insert the plumes into the Shakos before and collect them after any performance.

Polo Shirts

The navy polo shirt with the JPT Band Logo.  This is worn by Parent Volunteers (except field crew).


A rehearsal for just an individual section to rehearse/practice their part with their peers.  These will happen at local parks during the summer (often Riverside Park)  These are student run.  Students should treat this as a normal rehearsal; bring instrument, music, stand, water, sunglasses, sunscreen etc.


The hard sided oval shaped 'hat' worn during Marching performances.

Show Shirt

A t-shirt with this year's show theme and leadership names on it.  The show shirt is traditionally worn to school on football game days with jeans.  Then the show shirt is worn under the marching uniform at the game/performance.  


Worn with the marching uniform and the B Uniform.  Long Black Socks, must cover the ankle.  Most boys wear mid-calf length dress socks or black athletic socks.  Most girls wear knee high black socks.  No skin should be seen on lower leg or ankle when standing OR sitting.  


The Florida sun is particularly strong during August and September.  Fair skinned kids need to apply sunscreen before and during marching rehearsals.  Sunburns do NOT add to a good marching experience.  

Symphonic and Concert Bands

Boys will need a white dress shirt, black dress pants, black bow tie, black long socks and black dress shoes or dinkles.
Girls will wear the long black concert dresses they should have ordered at the beginning of their first year. These girls will also need black dress shoes.  


Boys in the top two concert bands (Wind Orchestra and Wind Symphony), Jazz Band and String Orchestra will be measured and fit into a tuxedo if one is being used by the school, parents may purchase their own.  The band owns a number of tuxedos that have been donated over the years in various sizes and styles.  We will do our best to put a tuxedo on your son that fits but please understand we are doing the best we can with what has been donated so the fit might not be 'perfect'.    If you prefer a more custom fit you may, of course, purchase your own.  It needs to be black.  Also please consider donating any tuxedos your family may own that you no longer need.  We are in particular need of larger boys sizes and smaller men's sizes.

Uniform Coat or Jacket

The top of the Marching uniform and is black, blue and white.