As a parent of a JP Taravella Band student we want to thank you for joining or returning to the program.  This page will hold various information and resources for your use.   Please see the Band hand book in the download section below.

Band Ensembles

The Band & Orchestra Department is one of the strongest and most active organizations on the campus of J.P. Taravella High School. It is widely acknowledged as one of the finest music programs in Florida, with Band, Orchestra, and Jazz ensembles consistently earning Superior ratings at District and State Music Performance Assessments. Individual honors are a yearly occurrence with members participating in All-State ensembles and State University-sponsored Honor Bands. The Music Department has grown to become a comprehensive and demanding curriculum that consistently brings quality music education into the lives of the school community. The JPT Band & Orchestra Department consists of several musical performing groups and a visual performance ensemble, for details on these groups please click below.


We have many opportunities to volunteer throughout the school year and you will be notified via email, Remind or our website when they come up.  Volunteering usually is taken on a first come, first served basis. The easiest way to volunteer is by attending the Band parent meetings where you will learn more about the program and where it needs your help or by contacting or communications committee chair (link to contact us page).  We have opportunities with Chaperoning, Field Crew, Hospitality, Uniform Room and other tasks or functions which occur throughout the school year, as well as, Committee Positions.  All volunteers are required to obtain Level 1 Clearance and any individual who will be chaperoning overnight need to obtain Level 2 Clearance.  Please consult the Broward County Schools 'Get Involved' section ( for additional information and requesting your Level 1 Clearance.

Helpful Items

  • Remind is a mobile device app that is one the best way to get up to the date information about the band.  Please go to your device store, download Remind and add class '@jptmusic' for the band general communications or '@jptguard' for Color Guard specific updates.  
  • Band Calendar is a great way to be up to date on the events related to the band program.  There are several links found on this site. When you access the google calendar (calendar view) there is a '+GoogleCalendar' link on the bottom right hand side of the calendar.  Click on the link and follow the directions to add the Band Calendar toy yours.


B Uniform Order Form (docx)


Band Sponsership Form 2017 (docx)


Band Handbook 2017-2018 (pdf)


Banquet Flyer (docx)


Band Banquet 2018 Reservation Form (docx)


Band Fees

  • The fees are used to pay for a world class staff of teachers and clinicians, competition entry fees, transportation costs, sheet music, marching band drill and music, choreography, special uniform costs for the color guard and band members, props, repairs, assessment fees, as well as many other expenses required to operate our band program.  The cost of operating a band program of our caliber and magnitude is sizeable and the fees cover less than half of that cost.  We rely on fundraising, contributions, organizing events and donations to fully fund our program.  We urge all students and parents, if applicable, to participate in band fundraising events as it is central in keeping our band fee costs down.  Additionally, there are numerous opportunities throughout the year to earn through fundraising events and cover band fees entirely.  If you have any questions about the band fees or paying your band fees please consult one of the directors and/or Student Accounts for assistance.  Budgetary reports are provided and reviewed during the schedule parent meetings.  You may also contact our Band Patron Treasurer for any previously prepared reports.  

  • Marching Band/Band Camp Fee - $275.00.  Marching Band/Band Camp Fees is asked to be paid by the end of the June Minicamp.  Since the marching band formations are written for an exact amount of students, and once written cannot be altered very easily, it is imperative that we have an accurate accounting of the exact number of band members by this time. Any students not committed by this date may not be guaranteed a permanent spot in the show, and may have to share a spot with another student alternating performances.   

  • Concert Band Participation Fee- $275.00.  All students will be required to pay or fundraise $275.00 for the school year for participation in one of the Concert Bands. It is our hope that this fee can be fundraised by the students in order to minimize out of pocket costs to families. Many students have already earned this money through fundraising during the previous year. We will have more than enough opportunities for students to raise these funds starting now, throughout the summer and during the school year.   

  • Trips/Travel - cost varies. Friday football games and Saturday regular season competition travel is covered under the Marching Band Fee. Any additional major trips or competitions, especially those requiring an overnight stay or admission to amusements parks, will require an additional Trip Fee. Since many of these types of trips are dependent on many factors such as achieving a qualifying score at regional competitions, some trips cannot be anticipated this far in advance. However, we will give students and parents as much notice as possible before scheduling these types of events. As a general rule, trips of this type usually cost approximately $300.00.